Kyle Gann: Music, Scores, and Recordings
in alphabetical order
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ScoreProgram NotesPerformers
The Aardvarks' Parade (Triskaidekaphonia 2)2009keyboard sampler and soundfilemp3, 10:20PDFTuning chartKyle Gann
Arcana XVI19983 synths8 minutesPDFProgram notes
As the Day Is Long1982fl, electric organ, trap set, soundfilemp3, 13:22Program notes
Baptism19832 flutes, two drums, organmp3, 11:40PDFProgram NotesKyle Gann and players
Bud Ran Back Out2001Disklaviermp3, 3:42; New WorldPDFProgram notes
Catskill Set2013-14fl, cl, trpt, vibe, pno, vn, va, cello1. Rocks; 2. In the Fields; 3. The Pond; 4. Roadside; 5. Summer; 14 minutes totalPDFProgram notes
Charing Cross2007synth, soundfilemp3, 8:13PDFProgram notesKyle Gann
Chicago Spiral1990-1fl, cl, sop sax, vn, va, cello, drums, synthmp3, 8:40PDFProgram notesDinosaur Annex
Cinderella's Bad Magic2002five singers, flute, three sampling keyboards, fretless bass; text by Jeffrey SichelScenes 3-5, 14:59; 45 minutes totalProgram notes
Commentary on Hope and Meaninglessness1973pianomp3, 1:46PDFProgram notesKyle Gann
Composure2007-84 electric guitarsmp3, 13:43PDFProgram notesDerek Johnson, Collin Marone, Zachary Barr, Andrew Cowling
Concord Spiral2010string quartetmp3, 9:10PDFProgram notesSarah Washburn and Jessica Meyer, violins; John Biatowas, viola; Carlynn Savot, cello
The Convent at Tepoztlan19892 pianos, or piano and soundfilemp3, 7:38PDFProgram NotesJudith Gordon
Cosmic Boogie-Woogie2000-1DisklavierNew World, 8:42PDFProgram notes
Could Ye Loan Me Ten Pence?1978singer and two melody instrumentsmp3, 1:51PDFJohn Uhlenhopp, voice; Heidi Sandling, flute; Joseph Kontof, violin
Custer and Sitting Bull1995-9voice, soundfile1. Custer: "If I Were an Indian...", mp3, 8:42
2. Sitting Bull: "Do You Know Who I Am?", mp3, 8:42
3. Sun Dance/Battle of the Greasy-Grass River, mp3, 7:59
4. Custer's Ghost to Sitting Bull, mp3, 10:04; 35 minutes total
PDFProgram notesKyle Gann, sound design by M.C. Maguire
Cyclic Aphorisms1988violin, pianomp3, 7:27PDFProgram notes
The Day Revisited2005fl, cl, el. bass, 2 keyboardsNew Albion, 13:20PDFProgram notesDa Capo, Bernard Gann, Kyle Gann
Desert Flowers1979flutemp3, 12:17PDFProgram notesAnita Miller, flute
Desert Sonata1994pianoLovely Music, 19 minutesPDFProgram notesLois Svard
Desert Song2011orchestra11 minutespartial
Program notes
Despotic Waltz1997DisklavierNew World, 2:13PDFProgram notes
The Disappearance of All Holy Things from this Once So Promising World1998orchestramp3, 11:38PDFProgram notesJohn Kennedy conducting the Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble
Earth-Preserving Chant2010piano11:21 (slight audio damage)Program NotesEmanuele Arciuli
Echoes of Nothing2011retuned virtual piano1. Nothing, 9:32;
2. Something, 4:01
Program Notes
Faith1984soprano, piano; text by Ella Wheeler Wilcoxmp3, 2:50PDFProgram NotesMartha Herr, Kyle Gann
Fantasy on Protestant Hymns1972handbell choirPDFProgram notes
Folk Dance for Henry Cowell2002DisklavierNew World, 2:11PDFProgram notes
Fractured Paradise1995synth, soundfilemp3, 4:47, Monroe StreetMIDI scoreProgram notes
Fugitive Objects2007keyboard samplermp3, 7:06PDFProgram notesAron Kallay
Ghost Town1994soundfilemp3, 10:18, Monroe StreetProgram notes
Going to Bed (Homage to Philip Glass)2012piano6 minutesPDFProgram notes
Hesapa ki Lakhota ki Thawapi1984/9fl, sop sax (trumpet), accordion (synth), drummp3, 8:05PDFProgram notesEssential Music
The Hippopotamus1979baritone, piano; text by T.S. Eliotmp3, 4:31PDFProgram noteBradley Nystrom, voice; Kyle Gann, piano
Homage to Cowell1994keyboard samplermp3, 5:06PDFProgram notesKyle Gann
Hovenweep2000fl, cl, vn, cello, pianoNew Albion, 11minutesPDFProgram notesDa Capo
How Miraculous Things Happen1997synth, soundfilemp3, 10:36, Monroe StreetPDFProgram notes
Hudson Spiral2010string quartet13 minutesPDFProgram notes
I'itoi Variations19852 pianosmp3, 26:02PDFProgram notesDouble Edge
Imaginary Isle20039 computerized toy pianosmp3, 2:10PDFProgram notes
Implausible Sketches20062 pianos (piano four-hands)1. The Desert's Too-Zen Song, 8:09
2. Mediating Daydream, 5:35
3. The Goodbye Fugue, 4:32
4. Frigid Azure, 9:25
5. Don't Touch My Pint, 3:56
PDFProgram notesPia Noteq, Mark Unico, pianos
Kierkegaard, Walking2007fl, cl, vn, cellomp3, 15:12PDFProgram notesSeattle Chamber Players
"Last Chance" Sonata1999clarinet, piano1. Flowers, mp3, 3:14
2. Snake Dance, mp3, 4:45
3. Apparition, mp3, 7:47
4. Dance of Indeterminate Ethnicity, mp3, 3:15
PDF; clarinet partProgram notesMeighan Stoops (1,3), Sara Phillips (2,4) Bari Mort
The Light Summer Land2010string quartet24 minuteswithdrawn for revisionProgram notes
Long Night1980-13 pianosCold Blue, 25 minutesPDFProgram notesSarah Cahill
Lord Thomas and Fair Annie1978alto fl, cl, va, harpsichord, celesta7 minutesPDFProgram notes
Love Scene2003string quartetMIDI, 6 minutesPDFTuning notes
The Mercy of the Storm1980-1pianomp3, 10:58PDFProgram notesKyle Gann, piano
Minute Symphony2004fl, cl, vn, cellomp3, 1:37PDFProgram notesJoanna Cowan White, flute; Kennen White, clarinet; Seunghee Lee, violin; James Fiste, cello
Mountain Spirit1982-32 flutes, two drums, organmp3, 12:03Kyle Gann and players
Mr. Eliot's Sunday Morning Service1985/93soprano, piano; text by T.S. Eliotmp3, 5:27PDFProgram noteLiz Przybylski, Sharon Bjorndal
My father moved through dooms of love2005-6chorus, violin, piano; text by E.E. Cummingsmp3, 11:39PDFProgram NotesDessoff Choir, James Bagwell cond.
Mystic Chords2012soundfilemp3, 6:20PDFProgram notes
New Aunts2008retuned keyboard samplermp3, 5:52PDFProgram notesAron Kallay
New World Coming2001solo bassoon with flute (oboe), violin (viola), pianomp3, 6:12PDFProgram notesMaryBeth Minnis, bassoon; Lindabeth Binkley, oboe; Seunghee Lee, violin; Zhihua Tang, piano
Nude Rolling Down an Escalator1997/9DisklavierNew World, 5:24PDFProgram notes
Nursery Tunes for Demented Children201233-tone PianoTiger, Tiger, Turning Right; Down to the End of the Town; 3 minutes
Oil Man1981speaker, 2 fl, cl, piano, trap set; text by Kyle Gann from letters by Marvin Gannmp3, 7:07PDFTextMarcus McDaniel, speaker; Eugenia Smith, flute; Mary Beth Skaggs Malek, clarinet; Jim Gley, drums; John Miller, bass; Kyle Gann, piano
Olana2007vibraphonemp3, 11:44PDFProgram notesAndrew Spencer
On Reading Emerson2006pianoNew Albion, 8:10PDFProgram NotesSarah Cahill
Paris Intermezzo1989toy piano (or piano)mp3, 6:29PDF
Petty Larceny2003DisklavierNew World, 5:44PDFProgram notes
The Planets1994/
fl, ob, alto sax, bsn, va, bass, synth, perc3. Venus, mp3, 7:17
8. Uranus, mp3, 7:11;
whole disc on Meyer Media, 73:12
PDF Program notesRelache
Private Dances2000/4pianoNew Albion, 5. Saintly, 4:07; 25 minutes totalPDFProgram notesSarah Cahill
The Question Answer'd1982piano4 minutesPDFProgram Notes
Romance Postmoderne2012virtual pianomp3, 8:36Program Notes
Sang Plato's Ghost2013flute, oboe, drum set, harp, accordion (or electric organ), viola, double-bassmp3, 10:45PDFProgram notes
Satie1975soprano, fl, vn, perc, harp; text by Erik Satiemp3, 11:52PDFProgram notesReal Time Ensemble
Scenario2003-4female voice, soundfile; text by S.J. Perelmanmp3, 17:12PDFProgram notesMartha Herr, sound design by M.C. Maguire
Scenario2003-4/2012female voice, orchestra (3-2-oboe d'amore-2-3; 2-3-2; harmonica; acoustic guitar, elec bass; timp, xyl, mar, tam-tams, drum set; celesta; strings); text by S.J. Perelman17 minutesPartial PDFProgram notes
Scene from a Marriage2010viola, pianomp3, 10:08PDFProgram notes
Serenity Meditation2011chamber orchestramp3, 11:20PDFprogram notesBowling Green New Music Festival Orchestra
Siren19785 flutesmp3, 7:51PDFProgram noteAnita Miller, Eugenia Smith, Heidi Sandling, Darlene Drew, Mary Brown, flutes
Snake Dance No. 119914 percussionistsmp3, 9:20PDFprogram notesEssential Music
Snake Dance No. 219954 percussionistsmp3, 10:11PDFProgram notesEssential Music
Snake Dance No. 320102 microtonal electric keyboards, 4 percussionists, fretless bassmp3, 11:29Program notes
Solitaire2009keyboard sampler and soundfilemp3, 14:05PDFTuning chartKyle Gann
So Many Little Dyings1994keyboard sampler; text by Kenneth Patchenmp3, 6:59PDFProgram notesKyle Gann
Song of Acceptance19803 female voices, fl, Fr. horn, trombone, tuba, celeste, 2 vns, cello; texts from Lao-Tzu, Walt Whitman, Ecclesiastesmp3, 19:43PDFProgram notesKyle Gann conducting
The Stream (Admonitions)1987voice, percussion ensemble; text from Thoreaump3, 8:56PDFProgram notesAustralian National University New Music Group, Jelena Mamic soprano
Street Music2009clarinet, tenor sax, drum(s), voice, violin, cellomp3, 4:25PDFProgram notesthingNY
Sunken City (Concerto for Piano and Winds in Memoriam New Orleans)2007solo piano, fl, alto sax, tenor sax, bar. sax, horn, 3 trumpets, 2 trombones, bass trombone, el. bass1. Before, mp3, 7:43; Mode records, 27 minutes totalPDFProgram notesGeoffrey Douglas Madge, piano; Orkest de Volharding conducted by Jussi Jaatinen
Summer Serenade2014organquiet version, 15:38;
loud version, 15:31
PDFProgram notesCarson Cooman
Superparticular Woman1992synth, soundfilemp3, 4:06, Monroe StreetPDFProgram notesKyle Gann
Surrealities2012-13three-octave toy piano or celesta17 minutes; 2. Deep Denial;
4. Circling the Horizon;
6. Incommensurate Quantities;
7. Mistimed Adieu;
PDFProgram notesKyle Gann
Sweeney Among the Tribes1984Five-channel ambient sound installationmp3, 48:08 (indeterminate)Program notes
Sweeney Out West1987-9piano12 minutesPDFProgram Notes
Symphony, "Implausible"2014large orchestra36 minutesPDFprogram notes
Tango da Chiesa2002DisklavierNew World, 5:54PDFProgram notes
Texarkana2000DisklavierNew World, 3:49PDFProgram notes
Tempo Canon1979harp, piano, harpsichord5 minutesPDF
Time Does Not Exist2000pianoNew Albion, 15 minutesPDFProgram notesSarah Cahill
Transcendental Sonnets2001-2chorus, soloists, orchestra; text by Jones Very1. The Son, mp3, 6:25
2. Enoch, mp3, 6:24
3. Love, mp3, 6:49
4. Faith, mp3, 5:51
5. The Word, mp3, 9:19
PDFProgram notesIndianapolis Symphonic Choir and Orchestra
Transcendental Sonnets (two-piano version)2007-8chorus, soloists, two pianos; text by Jones Very1. The Son, mp3, 5:04
2. Enoch, mp3, 6:03
3. Love, mp3, 5:57
4. Faith, mp3, 5:43
5. The Word mp3, 9:02
Program notesThe Dessoff Choirs, James Bagwell conducting
Transcendentalist Songs2014female/male voice, piano; poems by Christopher Pearse Cranch, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, Jones Very, Henry David Thoreau, Frederick Henry Hedge, Ellen Sturgis Hooper1. Enosis
2. The Rhodora
3. To the Face Seen in the Moon
4. The Columbine
5. Indeed, Indeed I Cannot Tell
6. Questionings (The Idealist)
7. In the Busy Streets, mp3, 0:41
8. I Slept and Dreamed that Life Was Beauty, mp3, 1:45
21 minutes total
PDFProgram notes7. Jacklyn Kuklenz, Robert Hunt; 8. Rebecca Castillo, Robert Hunt
Triskaidekaphonia 12005keyboard samplermp3, 4:19PDFTuning chartAron Kallay
The Unnameable2012keyboard sampler and soundfilemp3, 12:09Program notes
Unquiet Night2004DisklavierNew World, 16 minutesPDFProgram notes
Untitled, 197719772 flutes, marimba, violin, double bass3 1/2 minutesPDF
Untitled Phase Study 19931993piano3 minutesPDFProgram notes
Useless Round2010Three voices; text by Pierre BoulezPDF
The Waiting1997DisklavierNew WorldPDFProgram notes
War Is Just a Racket2008speaking pianistMP3, 8:11PDFProgram notesSarah Cahill, pianist
The Watermelon Cargo2002-3five solo singers, chorus, flute, three sampling keyboards, fretless bass; text by Jeffrey Sichel40 minutesLibretto
Windows to Infinity1987pianomp3, 11:42PDFProgram notesKyle Gann
Your Staccato Ways2013female voice, piano; text by Karen Schoemer1. Couplets; 2. Flatland; 3. Little Womb; 4. Hotel Minor; 5. Takeoff; 14 minutesPDF
Your Staccato Ways (chamber ensemble version)2014female voice, flute, clarinet, trumpet, vibraphone, piano, string trio; text by Karen Schoemer1. Couplets; 2. Flatland; 3. Little Womb; 4. Hotel Minor; 5. Takeoff; 14 minutesPDF

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