Tuning for Love Scene for string quartet

Love Scene is a fairly literal arrangement for string quartet of Act III of my opera The Watermelon Cargo. The sung lines describe the scene:

An art school in a box in the late afternoon.
Lazy sunshine pouring through an old style wooden glass window...
Motion and time pass until the two of them are alone...

The piece is in 11-limit just intonation, with tuning instructions as follows:

Tune strings in pure perfect fifths, to cello/viola C, except for violin E strings, which should be 21 cents flatter than pure

ET = Equal-tempered, standard 20th-century tuning

C1/10reference pitch, normal tuning
C^33/3253.3(C with quarter-tone-sharp accidental), C 53 cents sharp
C#25/2470.729 cents flatter than ET
D735/32155.145 cents flatter than ET D
D9/8203.9 4 cents sharper than ET, 9th harmonic of C, tuned with G
Eb^77/64320.1(E half-flat) 20 cents sharper than ET Eb
E5/4386.314 cents flatter than ET, fifth harmonic of C
E+81/64407.88 cents sharper than ET E
F7+21/16470.829 cents flatter than ET F, 7th harmonic of G
F^11/8551.3(F with quarter-tone-sharp accidental), halfway between ET F and F#
F#45/32590.2F#+, 10 cents flatter than ET, 5th harmonic of D
G735/24653.247 cents flatter than ET G
G3/2702perfectly in tune with C, open string
G^99/64755.2(G with quarter-tone-sharp accidental), 55 cents sharper than ET G
G#25/16772.627 cents flatter than ET, 5th harmonic of E
A+27/16905.96 cents sharper than ET, tuned perfectly with D, open string
A^55/32937.6(A with quarter-tone-sharp accidental), 37 cents sharper than ET A
Bb7/4968.831 cents flatter than ET, always, 7th harmonic of C
B15/81088.312 cents flatter than ET
B#121/641102.6basically an ET B (m. 63)
C7+63/321172.727 cents flatter than C

Kyle Gann

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