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Note: these articles occasionally include passages and sidebars cut from the shortened version that appeared in the Village Voice, and also the original headline if it was changed in the paper for reasons not intrinsic to the article. The copyright on all articles published in the Voice is retained by the author, so please contact Kyle Gann (email below) for reprint permission.

News: An anthology of Kyle Gann's Village Voice columns will appear in Summer of 2001 from University of California Press, Berkeley: It's Only As Good As It Sounds: American Music Since Minimalism. Watch this web page for details.

January 25, 2000: Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead - Modernism Loses Its Grip as the Odometer Turns Over

March 16, 1999: Y Not 2K? - A look at music at the end of the millennium

October 6, 1998: Review of Music at the Anthology

November 25, 1997: Interview with Fred Ho

October 28, 1997: Interview with Elodie Lauten

September 30, 1997: Review of Phil Kline's Alternative Schubertiade

September 2, 1997: Obituary for Conlon Nancarrow

August 19, 1997: The death of classical music, as charted by Norman Lebrecht

February 25, 1997: A Giacinto Scelsi Retrospective

February 4, 1997: New Music on the Internet

January 21, 1997: Who killed classical music?

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