Kyle Gann and Jeffrey Sichel in front of the Beloselski-Belozerski Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia (besides their names, the poster advertizes Paul Dresher)
photo by Becky Griffin, October 29, 2002

Kyle Gann and Jeffrey Sichel just before the St. Petersburg performance of Cinderella's Bad Magic
photo by Bernard Gann, November 1, 2002

Kyle Gann (right) with Jeffrey Sichel and Nick Dmitriev at the Dom Foundation, Moscow

Michael Callas, Kimberley Kahan, and Helen Donaldson rehearsing Cinderella's Bad Magic at the Dom Foundation in Moscow, October 2002; the composer's son Bernard Gann is playing bass, James Bagwell is conducting

Helen Donaldson and Michael Callas performing in Cinderella's Bad Magic in St. Peterburg, Nov. 1, 2002

Later, in Berlin in March 2004, here is Gann with Wolfgang Heisig, fellow composer of player piano music, traveling together on a boat up the Spree River.