Books by Kyle Gann:

Charles Ives's Concord
Charles Ives's Concord:
Essays After a Sonata

(University of Illinois Press, 2017)
No Such Thing
Robert Ashley:
(American Composers)

(University of Illinois Press, 2012)
No Such Thing
No Such Thing as Silence:
John Cage's 4'33"

(Yale University Press, 2010)
Music Downtown
Music Downtown: Writings from the Village Voice
(University of
California Press, 2006)

The Music of
Conlon Nancarrow

(Cambridge University
Press, 1995)

Books with forewords, chapters, or articles by Kyle Gann:

Cage 100: "Silence in the Rearview Mirror" by Kyle Gann (Osrodek Miedzukulturowyc Inicjatyw Tworzcych Rodroza, 2015)

Books reprinting articles by Kyle Gann:

Audio Culture
Audio Culture:
Readings in Modern Music;
edited by Cristoph Cox and Daniel Warner; "Thankless Attempts at a Definition of Minimalism" by Kyle Gann (Continuum Books, 2004)


No Such Thing
Il Silenzio non Esiste
John Cage's 4'33"

(Isbn Edizioni, 2010)

No Silence: 4'33" de John Cage
(Editions Allia, 2014)

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